Vaughan Gymnastics Club

The Largest Gymnastics Club in Vaughan

Meet the Coaches

We hire only the best of the best to be our coaches

All of our coaches are seasoned gymnasts selected for their skill and patience to teach your little ones.

All of our recreational and competitive coaches are certified under the N.C.C.P. (National Coaching Certification Program) for artistic gymnastics and trampoline. All coaches are qualified to instruct and spot all gymnastics skills using safe and progressive techniques.

Bob Carisse - Technical Consutant

Bob is a former member of Canada’s National Gymnastics Team and National Team Coach at the 1994 Commonwealth Games. With over 35 years of coaching experience and an academic background including Hons. BA in Physical Education and B. Ed, Bob leads our program as Technical Director.

Jesse Carisse - Head Coach of All Competitive Programs

Jesse has been coaching for 17 years. He has completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Kinesiology, and is currently teaching at York University in the Kinesiology department. He is the former National Novice champion in Trampoline, has competed at several International trampoline events, and has occupied a spot on the Senior National team for many years.

Barbara Antenos - Administrator/Coach

Barbara is a part-time administrator here at the Club. She comes to us with a wealth of knowledge, having worked in various offices across a number of different industries, and in a multitude of environments.  

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Semion Feldman - Men’s Competitive Coach

Semion is a former Elite Athlete from Russia, and later, Uzbekistan. He completed his coaching studies in Uzbekistan before moving to Israel and finally Canada to further his coaching career. He comes to us with 15 years of coaching experience.

Cheri Carisse -  Program Director

Cheri comes from a background as a former Elite Athlete. She has over 35 years of coaching experience at both the developmental and competitive levels.

Are you interested in becoming a coach or CIT?


Most of our coaches are former or current athletes in our recreational or competitive programs. The C.I.T. (Coach in Training) program starts at age 13 on a volunteer basis. If you are interested in becoming a coach or C.I.T. with Vaughan Gymnastics please contact our office.