My daughter joined your recreational program when she was 6. When she joined the competitive program, her love and passion for gymnastics grew even more. Your coaches are knowledgeable, and caring with the kids. My daughter has developed many close friends at VGC, and can’t wait to get to the gym to train! The coaches and staff make our family feel welcome, and treat our daughter with respect. There are many life lessons that my daughter has developed during her time at Vaughan Gymnastics, time management, dedication, and hard work, are only a few that will help her achieve success in the future. I look forward to what the upcoming years will bring for my daughter as a gymnast, and as an individual.

Marsha M.

I competed with Vaughan Gymnastics for 9 years as an interclub and provincial athlete. For each of those years I was surrounded by the most amazing coaches and teammates. Teammates who were with you through the ups and downs and even after going our separate ways, would find time to have mini reunions at the gym! My coaches always pushed me to do better but never let the pressure get to me. Their unwavering support and guidance helped me grow not just as a gymnast but also a person. At Vaughan Gymnastics I didn’t just learn to find success in sport, but also in school and in other areas of life. Vaughan Gym got me hooked on gymnastics… I think I’ll still be doing handstands at 70!!

P. Randeria

My children have both trained at Vaughan Gymnastics for many years. Aside from the obvious benefits derived from physical fitness; gymnastics has given them a sense of self confidence and team spirit. This gym has become their second home and the staff are like part of the family.

Stacy C