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What do I need to know about Drop-off and Pick-up?

We ask that you escort your child into the building on drop-off, and that you park into a spot and come into the building on pick-up in order to help keep our parking lot safe. If you are late picking up a child, he or she will be waiting in the lounge (7 years & up), or in the gym (6 years & under).

What should my child wear?

Girls should wear a one-piece bodysuit (no skirts attached). They may wear shorts or leggings on top. Boys should wear fitted shorts and a t-shirt. Bare feet are required, and long hair must be tied back. No jewelry is permitted (stud earrings are ok). Plantar warts (on the bottom of the foot) should be securely covered prior to class.

Where can I purchase a bodysuit?

Bodysuits may be purchased at any dance supply store. We also hold a semi-annual suit sale in October and March – inquire in the office for the next sale date.

Should my child bring a water bottle to class?

Due to a number of spills in the past (and the resulting slippery floors), water bottles are not permitted in the gym or change rooms. A water fountain is available in the gym.

What are the class ratios?

The ratio for Kindergym (3 & 4 years) is 6:1. The ratio for Instructional (5 & over) is 8:1

Do you issue progress reports?

Your child will receive a progress report at the end of each 19 week session. This report will show the parent and child: 1) The skills learned on each event 2) How these skills were graded by the coach and 3) Which level the child will be working on next session.

What do I need to know about Parent & Tot classes?

Your child’s class will be most successful if the parent accompanying the child stays consistent from week to week. Please note that shoes and cell phones are not permitted in the gym during classes. Parents are permitted to wear socks.

Do you offer make-up classes?

We offer one complimentary make-up class per session (on a pre-determined date) for any child that has missed a class during the session. Make-up classes are not offered for Parent and Tot or Teen classes. Sign up is on a first-come, first-served basis, and sign-up sheets will be located on the office door in January and in June.

When do I re-register for Second Session?

Re-registration for the second session takes place in November. Current members enjoy a priority registration period before new members can begin to register. Spaces must be guaranteed with payment at the time of registration.

How do I know when my child is ready for competitive?

Kids that show exceptional strength, flexibility, aptitude, and dedication towards gymnastics may be invited for a competitive tryout. Tryouts take place in June each year.

What is the G.O. Fee?

The Gymnastics Ontario fee of $30 is payable once per year. It is an insurance fee that expires in June. If it is paid in the 1st session, it is not payable again in the 2nd session.

What is the Refund Policy?

Refunds are available up to the start of the 3rd class only. Refunds are subject to a $75 administrative fee per child, and are calculated from the date of notification. The Gymnastics Ontario registration fee is not refundable. After the start of the 3rd class, only credit notes will be issued, with a one-year expiry date. Credit notes are non-transferable, and are calculated from the date of notification. The Gymnastics Ontario registration fee can not be credited.

How do I register?

Registration may be done in person, with payment by cash, cheque or etransfer, or you may send a registration form to us by email, and send an etransfer to our email address. There is no security question or password required. Please contact our office for our email address.


What methods of payments do you accept?

We accept only cash, cheque or e-transfer as payment. Debit cards and credit cards are not accepted.

What happens if my cheque does not clear?

Returned cheques are subject to an administrative fee of $15.

Do you issue Child Fitness Tax Credit receipts?

Beginning in 2017, the Child's Fitness and Arts Tax Credits have been eliminated by the Federal government.  Receipts for programs such as gymnastics can no longer be claimed when filing your taxes.

Where is the Lost and Found?

Our lost and found is located in the bench inside the vestibule near the exit door. Unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill at the end of each 19 week session.

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