Instructional Girls

Instructional Girls

Girls in the Instructional program will learn and master skills on the floor, bars, beam, trampoline and vault while working through our adaptation of the CANGYM recreational level system, which emphasizes proper learning progressions. Classes are 1.5 hour in length, with an instructional time of 85 minutes per class. The class ratio is 8:1. Gymnasts will progress at their own rate and beginners are always welcome!
*Please note that, due to COVID-19 protocols, spectators are not permitted in the facility at this time. All participants must be dropped off at the entry door, and picked up at the exit door promptly at the end of class.

Age Group:
6-11 years*
1.5 hour
Class Ratio:
Class Fee:
$525 for 1 x per Week  
$945 for 2 x per week
(20% Off 2nd Day!)
10% sibling discount**
Session Length:
19 Weeks (September 11, 2021 - January 31, 2022)

Registering after the session has started? No problem! Fees will be pro-rated at checkout!

Fall schedule and registration
coming in the next few weeks

All classes are 1.5 hour in length, with an instructional time of 85 minutes per class.

Session Dates

Session 1 – September 11, 2021 to January 31, 2022

Session 2 - February 5, 2022 to June 27, 2022

Gymnastics Ontario Registration Fee

The annual Gymnastics Ontario registration fee of $40 must be paid upon registration. Please remember to add this per-child fee onto your session fees!

**Sibling Discount

A 10% discount will be taken off 2nd and subsequent children’s fees. The discount is taken off the lesser of the fees. Note: Kids attending twice a week only receive their twice-a-week discount—they are not eligible for 10% sibling discount.


Registrations must be accompanied by payment via e-transfer. Debit cards and credit cards are not accepted.

*Gymnasts must be the correct age for the selected class by the first day of class. Age groupings are used by the office as a guide when scheduling classes. The office reserves the right to reasonably modify these age groups based on the actual registrations received.